Kim Le

Director/ Licenced Estate Agent

Kim Le is passionate about providing high level of professional support to clients in Real Estate Services sector. Building lasting and long term relationship with clients to achieve their wealth goals is her passion.

With over 8 years of real estate experience in real estate across established real estate and property developments, Kim has extensive property knowledge like no other. As a licensed agent and the director of Dream Homes, Kim has spent the last decade building a large network (domestic and international) of friends and clients she calls family – just another reason she has an reputation amongst those in real estate industry and Vietnamese community. Client satisfaction is Kim’s number one priority, using a collaborative all inclusive approach ensuring her clients feel involved in each and every step of the way. Renowned for her excellent presentation tips and fantastic property database, Kim’s expertise is highly sought by all those wishing for remarkable results.

“People do business with professionals that they trust. I have built my career and reputation on this fact. I work hard to achieve the desired results, and ultimately enjoy contributing in my customers’ wealth creation by providing outstanding solutions.”

Outside of work, Kim enjoys her quality time with her loved ones, supporting her kids’ sport team, travelling around the world, trying new food and jogging with her dog Gracie.